squid tendencies

*holds out hand* your squids, ma'am

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inkling spy and octoboy!

cosmicaces -

i hate to inform you that, if you have bones...well, it's chronic 😔


Some simple Splatoon fanart, and another speedpaint! Check it out!

oh, i just realized i forgot something but i can edit it hehe

you know what else is tiny? my p................ixel of imeth

i cant stop drawing her please help

clickie for biggie

idk i have trouble imagining agent 3 the way the fandom portrays them

a lot of ppl apparently see them as an edgy brooding teen, but they just feel..average to me? maybe leaning on the quiet side?

*imagines octopus tea party*

tbh i still havent figured out how to draw squid/octo forms without them looking weird and i blame Sonic Eye Syndrome

*flails arms like octopus*

cephalings are probably super sensitive to the cold since they're made entirely out of liquid, plus cephalopod = cold-blooded. what if they have lil sweaters for their squid/octo forms and like...socks for their tentacles??

i imagine there would be way less turf war activity during winter. going outside when it's below freezing would turn your hair into a popsicle!!  


Harald, they're lesbians

starrieskies -

oh...but what if...squid sweater...

by James Berri

Splat commission from FB!