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look at oc page for character descriptions! cuz idk, i'll prooobably not describe their basic features in every image?

who is..?

attention all splatoon gamers

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i make splat art, headcanons, and just generally have a funky time πŸ™

octolings' octopus forms grow increasingly larger as age. it's why octavio is as big as he is at 100!

Splatoon Oc that I only drew once but I would still love to play splatoon one day lol

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Shellby Murex

I have some ideas for Splatoon3, but this is all I have at the moment (more will come soon) Here’s Shellby, First Lieutenant of the New Squidbeak Splatoon!

cryinng literally 70% of the splatfallers i reblogged from left abudshbhd//

[image id: an emoji by mothcharm on twitter. they are crying and looking up with puppy eyes. end id]

i actually cant really remember what headcanons i shared b4, so sorry if there are some repeats

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you are the only active splatoon only blog on this site and i salute you, bless

effin' rip. i'll fill the splatoon tag on this site all by myself if i have to ( u_u )7

DJ Dedf1sh

Commissions are open!


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[id: a painting of dedfish. on a dark background. she is lifting her headphones to reveal her left ear. her ear has three piercings. the tip of her ear is blood red like her nails. end id]

hm...two babie...

[id: two chibis of eli and imeth in their squidbeak splatoon outfits.

here, eli has two sideswept bangs that frame his face, and two tentas that are tied into a short ponytail. he is wearing a silver jacket with a large collar and a grey stripe across the shoulders. he is wearing black shorts and large grey and white hightop boots. he is holding the hero dualies- a black, yellow, and cyan version of the regular dualies. he is looking off to the right.

here, imeth is in the hero suit: a bright yellow safety vest with a large black collar. underneath, she is wearing a black sweater with sleeves that cover her hands, and black pants. her shoes are black and white slip-ons. she is looking at the viewer with a blank expression.

end id]

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It was only a matter of time before I made some Splatoon OCs...

First one is Oliver Flotsam, he's a Flapjack Octoling who worked for Kamabo co. as a scientist before the events of OE. Second is Nautila C., an aspiring composer who wishes to one day become an idol. The music she makes has a very Music Box-esque feel.

Fiesta - Octopus

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[id: a large orange and brown octopus plushie. the undersides of its tentacles are light yellow. it is placed on top of a white blanket. end id]

attention all splatoon gamers

frickin follow me lmaoooo

no but pls like or reblog this if you like splatoon or frequently post splatoon content ;w;

i make splat art, headcanons, and just generally have a funky time πŸ™

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Here is some art I made for my friend and I. I'm a massive splatoon fan so uhhh yea

I haven't actually played Splatoon in months whoops

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[id: a lineless drawing of an octoling. they have brown skin, silver eyes, and dark lime hair. their hair is in a ponytail, which is decorated with a gold takoyaki hairpin. they are wearing a thick cream fur coat, black and green shorts, and thick cream boots. they are leaning on their heels and making a peace sign with both hands. end id]

inkin time

my agent 3, badger, and also pep

Octoling (from Splatoon)

For my first post, here's a quick sketch of an octoling from Splatoon I guess. Just finished it.

starlitsquids -

[id: a painting of an enemy octoling standing in a dark red location. she is standing on a platform and raising her hands with the palms facing towards the sky. she tilts her head and looks at the camera, her eyes glowing red. red light from below outlines her body. end id]

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oooh i love your blogs ocean aesthetic ya got goin on there

ooh thank u!! haha :D

mmm gorlfrien....

[id: a drawing of two of my splatoon ocs, calepsy and imeth, sitting and holding hands.

calepsy sits on the left. they are an octoling with tan skin and brown eyes. their hair is wavy and waist length. It starts out cyan and fades into purple. they have blunt bangs with two shoulder length side bangs. the right part of their hair is braided while a section of the left part is styled in two upright buns. they are wearing a black leather jacket with a blue undershirt, a short lavender skirt, and black punk boots. they have white knee-high stockings patterned with small colored polka dots.

imeth sits on the right. she is an inkling with brown skin and grayish blue eyes. her hair is shoulder length. it starts purple and fade into light blue. she has two sideswept bangs. her hair has one curlred tentacle on the left and two curls on the right. the left part of her hair also has two upright buns. she is wearing a white ruffled blouse with a black tie, and black shorts. she has two-toned white and dark brown socks and black and blue shoes. she is also wearing black and white earphones.

calepsy is smirking softly while imeth has a shy, toothy smile.

end id.]

finally made an oc page haha

i only put the bare minimum, but im tired of it being empty :D

Here's my troll Aamvar Zastis! She's genderfluid, and an android based on inklings from splatoon!

i have nothing new, but i will repost this image of cq cumber i made forever ago

[id: cq cumber is seating on a train seat and reading a magazine with his weird arms. end id]

german and italian lmao

[id: a screenshot of the splatoon wiki. it lists translations, or really variations, of off the hook's catchphrase in other languages.

german reads: you are cool...we are TentaCool!

italian reads: You can't do it with your hands? Then try with the tentacles!

end id]

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i hate to inform you that, if you have bones...well, it's chronic πŸ˜”